Our Services

EPM Sustainability is a consultancy which aims to empower organizations with the right policy knowledge, supply chain data and strategic direction needed to contribute to sustainable production and consumption systems.

Whether you are

  • a public organization looking for appropriate data to contextualize and translate European policy into actionable local strategies
  • an NGO who wants to develop a strategy for rebuilding resilience in vulnerable value chains
  • a company who wants to be part of the future’s sustainable supply chains

we can help you!

Our approach to consultancy

All of EPM Sustainability’s consultancy services rely on a clear methodology based on three steps.

1. ScopingIdentifying the structure and backbones of the issue.

This can take the form of the policy priorities in focus, trade data or resource flows which require optimization. These help us diagnose the problem, identify suitable solutions and opportunities.

2. SolutionsIdentifying the interventions needed to achieve the goals.

Can the right policy mechanisms be used in the given time-frame? Are there any best practice case studies to learn from? We will find out.

Great shifts in the paradigms of production systems and supply chains require collaboration. We help identify the relevant networks for your.

3. StrategyNavigating towards a desired vision requires clear KPIs and timelines to determine progress, but also flexibility.

Our roadmaps identify steps needed under multiple scenarios, giving you confidence to help you deal with uncertainty.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we may also complement our work through both facilitation and project-management services.