About EPM Sustainability


Our mission is to empower our collaborators with the right policy knowledge, strategic data and business models they need to achieve their sustainable supply chain goals.


Our vision is for production systems where economic growth is decoupled from unsustainable exploitation of soils, forests and other resources.

Sustainable supply chains and industries of the future will use regenerative business models, generating balanced economic value also for workers, farmers and the communities involved in the production chain.

Values & Attitudes

At EPM Sustainability we like to call ourselves pragmatic visionaries.

We are optimistic because we can offer organizations realistic solutions and flexible strategies to navigate the future.

Why chose us

As our clients, we offer you the guarantee to have clear strategies, based on solid data, market trends and measurable KPIs towards progress.

What distinguishes us is our perseverance in finding the right solutions for each envisioned scenario.


We guarantee that our collaborators will feel confident in achieving their sustainable supply chain goals!

About the team