EPM Sustainability is a consultancy which aims to empower organizations with the right policy knowledge, supply chain data and strategic direction needed to develop to sustainable production and consumption systems.

We focus on overcoming key societal challenges related to the implementation of EU and international sustainability agendas, such as the SDGs. By taking a supply chain approach, and incorporating system’s thinking concepts in our research, we create realistic implementation road-maps, which focus on capacity building as much as on the achievement of technical milestones.

Our aim is to bring [E]nvironmental [P]olicy and [M]anagement together – in short, we’re EPM Sustainability!

Our services

Whether you are a public organization looking for appropriate data to contextualize and translate European policy into actionable local strategies, an NGO wants to develop a strategy for rebuilding resilience in vulnerable value chains, or a business who wants to be part of the future’s sustainable supply chains – we can help you!

Policy Analysis

Understanding the strategic leverages your organization can use to influencein its field  at both national and European level.

Value Chain Analysis

Sustainability issues are often a symptom of the broader system. We can help you uncover the bottlenecks and actionsteps in your chain.

Non-Financial Reporting

Non-financial reporting based on GRI Standards and a strategic roadmap can help increase the credibility of your business.

Strategy Development

Are you looking to develop a clear pathway for your organization or your region? We’re happy to help.

Depending on the needs of our clients, these services can be complemented by both facilitation and project-management modules to help sediment the consultancy advicee within your organizations.

Supply chains we cover


EPM Sustainability has experience with both global supply chains, such as bananas and pineapple, as well as European ones – integrated up to the level of sub-regional food systems.


What are the latest innovative technologies and business models in the field of post-consumer life of textiles? Find out more on our EPM Sustainability Website!

Who's behind EPM Sustainability




EPM Sustainability is the consultancy founded by Irina Toma.

Building on her 10 years of experience in strategic consultancy, research and coalition building in the Netherlands, Irina initiated EPM Sustainability in order to help facilitate knowledge-transfer across Europe and help translate European policy into concrete actions. She believes concerted action towards achieving European goals is possible only by taking the particularities of each regional context into account.

At EPM Sustainability we are always happy to collaborate with other organizations who want to be part of the transition to sustainable supply chains. Get in touch!


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